Interacting with Cisco APIs

Evaluation of different methods for accessing a REST API. Methods tested include Curl, Postman, Python - requests and Python - openVulnAPI.



At some point you may be asked to complete an vulnerability audit of your network estate. In the past this would have required searching a near endless list of Cisco vulnerabilities and then cross referencing these against an even longer list of BugIds. Thankfully Cisco released the PSIRT API which can ease the pain of... Continue Reading →

Cisco Designated VIP 2019

Another 12 months pass and I'm pleased to receive notification of CiscoVIP selection: I'm no longer contracting for Cisco so this time it sticks. I'll be traveling to Australia in March for Cisco Live. Can't wait!


Whilst completing my studies for the JNCIA-Junos exam I was trying various configuration on my SRX110 and decided to expose it to the internet as my LAN 'DMZ host', after a little while I noticed the log filling up with messages like these: Feb 14 11:24:24 2018 CS7-SRX01 sshd: SSHD_LOGIN_FAILED: Login failed for user 'root'... Continue Reading →

tunnel VRF

This post came about after answering a question on CSC regarding tunnels and VRF, and will elaborate on the the use case I suggested. Imagine two sites with multiple VRFs which need to communicate intra-VRF over a public WAN, lets run through the configuration options: Option A Each VRF would require a public IP which... Continue Reading →

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